September 19th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Callum 3

Straight bastards like Callum tease us with the bulge in his trousers and his arse crack. Now there's no way he can prevent me from doing whatever cruel and perverted things I want to with his body! Tied down stark naked on the exam table, his dick is perilously vulnerable and no homophobic insults will dissuade me from doing exactly what I want. I silence him by stuffing a ball gag in his gob and take hold of his todger.

September 12th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Leo 14

As soon as hetero Leo opens his eyes he realises to his horror that he's in the most vulnerable position of his life! Those genitals are firmly bound and his arsehole is spread on show! As he's firmly tied in place he can't even kick out without tugging on his own nuts! Getting a caning to the sensitive soles of his feet makes him thrash out against his will. He pathetically wails beneath his gag and his body trembles from the unbearable tension of this position.

September 5th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Callum 2

It's the most nightmarish sensation for a straight man to have his virgin arsehole fully exposed with no way to protect it from gay perverts like us! That's how we've stitched Callum up. His legs are tied together and bound to his neck. His spread bum and plump ball sack are fully exposed! Just how we like it! All he can do is pathetically kick against his binding with those muscular legs. This only makes his arse twitch and tempt us further.

August 29th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Leo 13

Proud straight man Leo likes to look good. He spends time on the tanning bed to give him some colour, but little does he realise the speedos he wears gives a tan line which nicely frames his crotch and arse. It's like a tempting target for us pervs. The fucker deserves to be punished for teasing us with his sexy smooth body and hairy arse crack. The bastard refuses to give me the satisfaction of describing the invasive things I'm doing to his body.

August 22nd 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Blake 4

Angry young hetero Blake is full of fight but being bound by his legs and wrists he's unable to stop us from disciplining the fuck out of him. We know how much this bastard is a howler so we fix a ball gag in his filthy gob. His pale arse turns scarlet as Aaron repeatedly spanks him. That pain is nothing compared to the merciless flogging we inflict on his back and bum. His skin burns and he shouts viciously at us.

August 15th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Leo 12

Bound hetero skinhead Leo thinks he's so tough with his tattoos and his bulging muscles. But he's not strong enough to break free of his restraints. This means we can do whatever wicked and perverted things we want to his sexy masculine body. Leo reels in disgust as we wrap our arms around him and tongue his mouth. He looks so fucking hot with his tan and tight white underwear, but it'll be even sexier with his arse fully exposed.

August 8th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Callum 1

Sexy stud Callum lives the party lifestyle. The tough straight bastard believes he can take any amount of punishment and pervy homo behaviour. The dim cunt thinks itíll result in easy cash. But the fucker doesnít realise how cruelly I can push him beyond his physical and mental limits. Once heís under my control heís going to feel more vulnerable and ashamed than heís ever been in his life!

August 1st 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Leo 11

Cocky straight thug Leo is full of attitude. He wants easy money to support his party lifestyle but we're not only interested in filming his naked body. We are intent on disciplining the bastard and turning him into our cock slave. Before he knows what's happening his hands are restrained and we're tearing his clothes off! All the while we film his utter debasement on our phones. We freely grope the sexy hetero's body and tease his sensitive dick till its fully erect.

July 25th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Blake 5

The way in which hetero Blake is suspended naked to the walls really emphasizes his sexy muscles when he angrily struggles against the restraints. And this bastard is ready for a FIGHT! He's desperate to smash us, but there's nothing he can do while tied. We make him give in to the shame of being sexually pleasured by another man by warning him that there will be severe discipline if he doesn't submit. He's so full of spunk it only takes a few strokes to get his cock very hard.

July 18th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Oliver 13

Straight muscle boy Oliver's body is fully on display as he's tied by the wrists and ankles. Yet even though he is completely starkers he's sweating with nerves as he knows we're going to use his pristine physique to satisfy our sadistic desires without a thought for his comfort or pleasure. His big dick is so sexy we want to see it fully erect. We give this bastard two options: either he becomes aroused by another man or we're going to viciously punish his manhood.

July 11th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Oliver 12

Ever wanted to sexually control the sexiest guy at the gym? Hetero Oliver's body is so pumped he glows with health and vitality. He knows that every order he's given must be obeyed or the punishment will be even more severe. We command that he peel off his gym clothes so he's stark naked. He must press his face against the floor while presenting his arsehole so its fully exposed. While he utterly demeans himself he's lashed with a belt making him buck in pain.

July 4th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Blake 3

The recipients of Blake's homophobic hatred are men who sexually arouse each other. So what does it do to this fully exposed hetero bastard's mentality to watch his penis get expertly stroked by another man till he's got an aching hard on?! His sex drive is so strong he can't control how his healthy dick is excited by being rhythmically stroked. He grunts in fury helplessly gazing at his own erection grow!

June 27th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Oliver 11

Hetero Oliver is in a panic in this position. He's fully naked and restrained to a medical exam table. Even though he's a very strong tough man there's nothing he can do to stop us from having a fiddle with his sexy thick dick and big juicy eggs. His penis is so sensitive that all it takes is some gentle tugging to till it grows tumescent and this bad boy is desperate to get off. He stares in fury at how we can control his sex drive so easily.

June 20th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Blake 2

This tough straight fella isn't easily broken. Blake sternly denies we've got to him so we quickly shut him up by wrapping tape over his mouth. When he's expertly tied and positioned with his arse left vulnerable, this bastard really starts to panic. All those big muscles of his can't stop up destroying his underwear so his precious virgin cunt is fully exposed and his package hangs out in the open.

June 13th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Oliver 10

Oliver is fucking terrified as he's in the most vulnerable position imaginable for a straight man! We've tied this muscle boy so his legs are fully spread. There's nothing between us and his arsehole but a thin layer of white fabric. All it takes is a little snip to destroy those tight pants and his bum is fully exposed and his hefty genitals are released. Oliver's only pathetic defence is to promise he'll get his revenge, but that won't be happening while he's in this helpless state.

June 8th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Blake 1

Hetero Blake believes he's a real hard man. The brute is always getting into scraps so thinks he can take whatever a bunch of homos want to do to his body if it'll earn him some extra cash. If only the stupid fucker knew the sadistic pleasure we take in using and disciplining his body. This will be a physical and mental challenge that is more excruciatingly difficult than anything he's experienced in his life!

May 30th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Brett 5

It takes time to break down a straight man's pride. Brett has been thoroughly disciplined but he still can't accept that he only exists as a sexual object for men's constant use. He's suspended naked in the middle of the room and struggles against his restraints as he's desperate to cover himself. Nor can he prevent us from skilfully stroking his penis and rousing his sex drive so that he grows a great big thick hard on.

May 23rd 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Oliver 10

Oliver is fucking terrified as he’s in the most vulnerable position imaginable for a straight man! We’ve tied this muscle boy so his legs are fully spread. There’s nothing between us and his arsehole but a thin layer of white fabric. All it takes is a little snip to destroy those tight pants and his bum is fully exposed and his hefty genitals are released. Oliver’s only pathetic defence is to promise he’ll get his revenge, but that won’t be happening while he’s in this helpless state.

May 16th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Brett 4

Straight Brett has endured a vicious punishment and the naive bastard foolishly believes he'll be released now that we've had our wicked way with him. But what this fucker needs to understand is that his masculine body entirely belongs to us now. To ensure his total degradation we're going to send a video of him in this slutty state to everyone he knows so his reputation will be permanently trashed!

May 9th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Cal 10

We love to see this big hairy stupid straight brute stark naked and bound with his arms and legs akimbo. He'll do anything to break free from his binds and stop us from pervily looking at, groping and licking his strong healthy body. But we've tied him so tight there is no escape! Nor can he stop his own beastly instincts as his todger is skilfully stroked till he's got a great big stonking boner.

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