July 16th 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Kris 9

Sexy athletic straight boy Kris has been testing everyone's patience. Fit tight arsed bastards like this strut around without a care in the world, carelessly prick-teasing all the men around them. Now it's payback time. And how. Kris is only allowed to wear the skimpiest of tighty whiteys. He is tied down and made to look into the camera for the duration of the relentless torment he is to receive. What little he has to wear is soon torn off leaving the boy totally nude and fully exposed.

July 9th 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Kris 8

Young hetero TicToc “influencer” Kris is put on shameless display as he is utterly starkers and secured to a block. Now his movement is severely restricted so he can't stop the easy access to his round peachy bum and the pendulous package dangling between his legs. Those giant nads are so vulnerable – all it'd take is a tight squeeze to cause this lad immense pain. He's held securely in place by the cock while his tight arsehole is persistently fingered.

July 2nd 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Kris 7

Kris has been capitalizing on his sporty body and knowingly teasing eager punters in his sexy football kit. It's time this egotistical bastard receives the discipline he deserves! We gag him and truss him up so tightly in ropes that his precious bulge and arse are laid out for us like a banquet. We tear open his footy shorts and underwear to reveal his genitals and expose his anus.

June 25th 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Lionel 4

The amount of men in debt is rising every day. While this is good news for the debt collectors to have a wider selection of meat to sample and taste, it's bad news for the men who see the going rate for their cocks and arses decrease. It's the law of supply and demand. A big thick hetero dick isn't worth what it once was. Instead they have to explore other seedier ways of cashing in on the men like sucking their feet and exploring these men's arseholes.

June 18th 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Sergei 9

Sergei is one feisty hetero bastard. Even though he knows there is nothing he can do to escape being strung up to the ceiling and that resistance will only earn him further punishment, he still fights us. This tough fucker attitude turns us on. His pristine body is fully on display in nothing but his tight white Y-fronts. He swears and threatens us but we're the ones in control. Derek gives him an atomic wedgie so his pants ride so high up his arse they break against his sphincter.

June 11th 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Joe 5

Muscular and hairy hetero Joe is tied down to a discipline bench in nothing but a pair of tighty whities. The big lug hangs his head in shame as its pointed out how his arse crack has sweat through the thin fabric. Dave easily rips the undies off him leaving Joe fully exposed. Joe grunts angrily into his ball gag as a vicious metal hook slicked up with the bearded bastard’s own spit is fixed up his arse.

June 4th 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Joe 4

Masculine rugby player Joe thinks a session with us will be a cinch and an easy way for him to earn lots of money fast. This bearded hetero is so fucking naīve! We thoroughly bind him so his movement is severely restricted. As we twist Joe's nipples and attach harsh metal clips to them he struggles to keep his face composed amidst the acute anguish. Now this beast can be led around by just tugging on the chain attached to them.

May 28th 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Oliver 17

Is there anything fucking hotter than a rugby player bent over in a scrum? We've bound Oliver in his athletic kit so his arse pushes out and turns us on even more. We slide our hands over that magnificent rump and yank up his shorts to reveal the outline of his sexy jock strap. This prick tease will offer up his bum whether he wants to or not. His shorts are roped so we can raise him up giving the bastard an almighty wedgie while his round cheeks are temptingly revealed.

May 21st 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Joe 3

Hetero Joe is furious that he's so exposed and vulnerable with his hands tied while wearing nothing but a jock strap. It frames that big sexy muscular arse so well I crave to punish him. His foul mouth is silenced with a rag shoved in his gob and taped in place. He refuses to comply when ordered to meet my gaze. Sliding down his strap he's now stark naked. All it will take is a small flick from my riding crop to his nuts to cause him immense pain.

May 14th 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Joe 2

Builder Joe is used to lazing around on construction sites all day. We teach this big hairy bastard the real meaning of work! We've got him stark naked and locked in our dungeon as our servile bitch. He must clean our boots, kissing and licking all the dirt off. We demand that he remain on his hands and knees at all times with his arse completely spread. His bum is given a vicious whacking with a leather belt when he doesn't serve properly.

May 7th 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Oliver 16

Hetero Oliver is put on shameless display as he is utterly starkers and secured to a block. Now his movement is severely restricted so he can't stop the easy access to his round peachy bum and the pendulous package dangling between his legs. Those giant nads are so vulnerable – all it'd take is a tight squeeze to cause this stud immense pain. He's held securely in place by the cock while his tight arsehole is persistently fingered.

April 30th 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Joe 1

With the weather warming up groups of hetero lads congregate outside the pub knocking back many cold ones. We spy a dumb looking bearded masculine hunk with his trousers hanging down to show off a tempting peek of arse crack. It doesn't take much to ensnare the groggy bastard in the toilets and now he's ours. We greedily yank down the loose trousers of this builder to grope his cock and pry his arse open.

April 23rd 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Oliver 15

We all know that straight rugby players use the intimacy of the playing field and locker rooms to check out each other's cocks and arses. We even get Oliver to admit it here! The bastard deserves to be punished for being a secret lurker and prick teasing cunt! We restrain the muscular athlete and silence him stuffing a red ball gag in his gob. He seethes in anger as we grope his fit masculine body and hollers as we give him a right fucking lashing.

April 16th 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Rohan 5

Now that we've got straight footballer Rohan fully restrained and gagged we're going to enact all the absolutely filthy and perverted things we've dreamed of doing to athletes like him! What a fucking tease this bastard is with that great big bulge in his white footy shorts. We demand that he jump up and down to show how his junk jostles around so much. Bent over my knees, we reveal his smooth arse cheeks and give them a firm spanking.

April 9th 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Rohan 4

Pitiable straight boy Rohan has finally realised that he’s not been communicating and taking sexual orders from a chick online. Instead he’s been lured into virtually chatting with a pervy man who has lured him into this dungeon. Now he’s perilously bound in nothing but his sweet boy’s undies with his legs akimbo. It only takes a slight rip to make these flimsy pants fall away leaving his arsehole and bollocks fully exposed!

April 2nd 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Rohan 3

Hetero boy Rohan is tied to an exam table in nothing but his sweet little pants. The whinging lad is liable to shout so much as he’s receiving his discipline it’s necessary to gag him fully. This proud boy needs to be punished for being such a sexy little fucker. His arse is given a firm paddling. Secured in place he can do nothing but kick his legs in response to the persistent battering to his bum. Look at those burning pink cheeks revealed as his pants are yanked up his arse crack!

March 26th 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Rohan 2

Schoolboy Rohan is a total innocent being expertly trained in the ways of filthy adult sex by domineering mastermind Dave. The nervous lad is in the school toilets having an online video chat with what he thinks is a secret admirer. But it's really Dave giving him a series of increasingly degrading instructions. Rohan follows every order because he's not allowed to masturbate otherwise.

March 19th 2024
Charlie 3

Charlie is bent over having his arsehole ravaged by the cackling men controlling his naked body. A piss-stained jock strap is shoved in his face so he must breathe in the smell of his favourite players' cocks as his own dick is manipulated by the men till he's erect and aching to cum. He makes a closer connection with the players than he ever expected.

March 12th 2024
Charlie 2

Charlie is intensely nervous after being tricked into stripping and getting caught by aggressive Derek. He meekly stands between the dominant men who put him through a rigorous physical examination. This boy has dreamed of what it'd be like to be on the football team he loves more than anything else in the world. Now he knows what it's like to be amongst them and experience the rigorous trials these athletes endure every day.

March 6th 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Leon 1

Leon is a very tough athletic man who looks after his body and came to us wanting to make porn with women. Sexy women. So we were incredibly surprised when he agreed to perform in straighthell.net (now breederfuckers.com) which has no women in it whatsoever. In fact, the part he has to play is of a door security man who falls victim to a drink spiking, is then stripped naked, groped, fondled, penetrated all while out of it.

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