January 31st 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Leon 4

Straight swimming champ Leon arrives for what he thinks will be a routine physical. But as he's systematically stripped and restrained he objects to the unusual way he's made to display himself. Like all stupid athletes he does as he's told and bends to authority. That pert muscular arse is so tight it needs to be loosened. And his healthy cock is prone to stiffening and popping out of his speedos at any moment. We need to fully take him in hand.

January 24th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Anton 6

Hetero plumber Anton thinks he can bend over waving his arse at us while tinkering with the pipes and there will be no consequences. We can't be expected to gaze at that delicious bum crack and not want to ravage that arse! We nab him and tie him to the exam table. Stripped down to nothing but his pants and with his limbs secured in place, he's furious and tense all over. We relax him by attaching poppers under his nose. The fumes break down all his inhibitions and resistance.

January 17th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Leon 3

Keeping hetero Leon in this bound and exposed position means that the most private parts of his manly body are completely vulnerable. As he's bent over with a gag in his mouth he howls in anger which causes saliva to pour from his gob in an utterly humiliating way. He shakes with rage as we grind against his bare arse. He needs to be trained to comply. Dave gives him such a vicious flogging he desperately fights against his restraints with every muscle in his body.

January 10th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Travis 5

Hetero Travis must now remain permanently naked. After the severe discipline we've administered to him he knows not to refuse any order given. We're planning on parading him starkers through the streets advertising his wares. Dave restrains his cock and balls and sticks the leash in his gob. His nuts are yanked tight with his shrivelled penis stretched. He must march up and down presenting his genitals for inspection like a pathetic slave.

January 3rd 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Leon 2

Straight moron Leon can't comprehend what's about to happen to him even though he's tied up in an extremely compromising position. That bum he's been tempting guys with on the street is now fully on display and vulnerable to our punishment. We're going to teach him how depraved and perverted we can be with prick teasing cunts like him. His mouth is wrapped with tape so all he can do is pathetically moan beneath his gag.

December 27th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Travis 4

Tough talking bastards like Travis have been able to get whatever they want in life through savage strength and heterosexual arrogance. But now he's tied down with his legs secured in a spreader, there's nothing he can do to get his way and protect himself. His only defence is to spout feeble insults and warnings about what will happen when he's free. But he's never going to be released from our lair and he needs to accept his new status as a sex slave.

December 20th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Robert 1

Look at this sexy young straight stud earning a pittance on a construction site! His body could be used for much better work. We can't stop leering at that shapely arse and imagine inserting our cocks into his mouth. This is an opportunity we can't pass by! We quickly grab him and bring him back to our lair. The horny bastard has a massive bulge in his track suit bottoms and Adrian instantly rubs his erection over those innocent pink lips.

December 13th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Leon 1

This bearded hunk strides down the street in nothing but a pair of red shorts, t-shirt and flip flops. Those bottoms are so tight they ride straight up the crack of his arse and his sizeable bulge is hanging out in the open! Prick teasing hetero slags like this are just begging for attention and we give him more than he bargained for as we drag him back to our lair. With his arms bound behind his back and a ball gag jammed in his gob we manhandle his tan muscular body.

December 6th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Robert 4

Having realised there is nothing he can do to break free from his restraints or cover his perilously exposed body, hetero Robert resorts to spitting filthy insults at us. Little does he know how his disrespect will result in even more punishment. Those pert little nipples of his are highly sensitive zones and some sharp twists make him gasp from the pain. Just a couple of small pegs on those small rosy buds cause him to feel the constant ache.

November 29th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Travis 2

Hetero bastard Travis has quickly gone from being on top of the world to his new position as a lowly filthy whore! Stripped of his business suit he's tied up in nothing but a jockstrap with his gaping arsehole on show for any punter that wants to have a go. No longer will he be leading deals worth millions. Now he's being pimped out for pennies. His pain will be witnessed by online viewers getting off on the vicious way we discipline and punish him.

November 22nd 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Robert 3

Furious hetero Robert is roped to a medical exam table stark fucking naked. He is filled with hatred while we pervily grope him but there's no way for him to make us stop. It only takes some skilful strokes to get his excitable dick to stand proud and we secure it by binding his shaft and balls. The pressure is agonizing and all Robert can do is moan helplessly. The temporary release he feels to his dick & balls being freed is short lived.

November 15th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
John 5

Hetero John is restrained in nothing but a jock strap and he's secured in the most terrifyingly vulnerable position a straight man can be! On his back with his legs spread apart his sexy pink fuckhole is totally exposed! Beneath his gag he hyperventilates because every second he is in a panic knowing we can plunge our cocks into his precious arsehole. We can make money whoring this prime hetero fucker out!

November 8th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Travis 1

Suited hetero boss Travis thinks very highly of himself and wants to be in charge at all times. He's the type to bully his staff and wears expensive suits to assert his absolute dominance. We give him a severe lesson in humility by grabbing him and taking him back to our lair so we can take full control his sexy masculine body. While he's dazed and disorientated we get his trousers down to handle his thick pink cock and moist bum hole.

November 1st 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Robert 2

We've been fantasizing about hot hetero construction worker Robert sucking on our cocks and now we've fixed it so he can't stop us inserting our hard dicks in his gob. With his arms tied behind his back and his head bound to his ankles his sexy arse is temptingly on display. His mouth is permanently fixed open with a spreader. But we don't just want to fuck his resistant face; we want this proud straight boy to actively strive to service our erections.

October 25th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
John 4

Hetero John is the type who will only change out of his clothes in a private cubicle at the gym locker room. It's acutely embarrassing to him to think other men might gaze with lust upon his naked body so he hastily gets back in his suit when left alone. But we require him to be naked at all times! He must lose his clothes as quickly as possible and get on his hands and knees.

October 18th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Zain 5

Hetero Zain is restrained in our favourite position. Secured down in nothing but bright white pants barely covering his curvaceous arse and his heavy full package hanging between his legs. He struggles against his restraints but can't do anything to stop his body being mauled and stripped until he's fully exposed. His humiliation is enhanced by the fact his cock is easily engorged. That great big organ points out stiff and useless because this isn't about his pleasure.

October 11th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
John 3

Hetero John is fucking furious that he's tied down in nothing but his tight white pants. Even though his movement is severely restricted he bucks and fights against Dave's advances. This dumb fucker needs to be taught a lesson in humility. We've literally got him by the dick and balls! His tumescent penis is squeezed in a vice grip while his sensitive testicles are wrenched and twisted to the point John feels the all consuming agonizing pain in every inch of his body.

October 4th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Wayne 15

Smooth bodied muscular hetero Wayne is bound in such a vulnerable position naked on his hands and knees with his arse pointed in the air! He's horrified that he's so exposed and he can't even verbalize his anger because a ball gag is stuffed in his gob. When he's presented with a vicious hook the thick bastard has no clue what it could be for but he soon realizes as it's planted deep in his arse and secured to his head.

September 27th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Zain 2

We're going to make some cash off this hot straight delivery driver! Furious hetero Zain has been completely immobilized in nothing but his white pants with his legs akimbo. There's nothing he can do to stop us perving over his body, groping his prominent bulge and recording ourselves doing nasty sadistic things to him while broadcasting the entire thing! Dave has an online audience eager to witness this bastard's total degradation and pay tips to see it.

September 20th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Lucas 10

With his rugged muscular body and thick skull, hetero Lucas is like a primeval man. We treat him exactly like the simple beast he is by gagging and riding him across the room. Every inch he lumbers forward is painfully difficult with a man's full weight on his back. We give him stern orders while spurring him on kicking his arse and whacking those bum cheeks with a riding crop. We fill him with shame reminding him what a lowly creature he is.

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