April 16th 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Rohan 5

Now that we've got straight footballer Rohan fully restrained and gagged we're going to enact all the absolutely filthy and perverted things we've dreamed of doing to athletes like him! What a fucking tease this bastard is with that great big bulge in his white footy shorts. We demand that he jump up and down to show how his junk jostles around so much. Bent over my knees, we reveal his smooth arse cheeks and give them a firm spanking.

April 9th 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Rohan 4

Pitiable straight boy Rohan has finally realised that hes not been communicating and taking sexual orders from a chick online. Instead hes been lured into virtually chatting with a pervy man who has lured him into this dungeon. Now hes perilously bound in nothing but his sweet boys undies with his legs akimbo. It only takes a slight rip to make these flimsy pants fall away leaving his arsehole and bollocks fully exposed!

April 2nd 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Rohan 3

Hetero boy Rohan is tied to an exam table in nothing but his sweet little pants. The whinging lad is liable to shout so much as hes receiving his discipline its necessary to gag him fully. This proud boy needs to be punished for being such a sexy little fucker. His arse is given a firm paddling. Secured in place he can do nothing but kick his legs in response to the persistent battering to his bum. Look at those burning pink cheeks revealed as his pants are yanked up his arse crack!

March 26th 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Rohan 2

Schoolboy Rohan is a total innocent being expertly trained in the ways of filthy adult sex by domineering mastermind Dave. The nervous lad is in the school toilets having an online video chat with what he thinks is a secret admirer. But it's really Dave giving him a series of increasingly degrading instructions. Rohan follows every order because he's not allowed to masturbate otherwise.

March 19th 2024
Charlie 3

Charlie is bent over having his arsehole ravaged by the cackling men controlling his naked body. A piss-stained jock strap is shoved in his face so he must breathe in the smell of his favourite players' cocks as his own dick is manipulated by the men till he's erect and aching to cum. He makes a closer connection with the players than he ever expected.

March 12th 2024
Charlie 2

Charlie is intensely nervous after being tricked into stripping and getting caught by aggressive Derek. He meekly stands between the dominant men who put him through a rigorous physical examination. This boy has dreamed of what it'd be like to be on the football team he loves more than anything else in the world. Now he knows what it's like to be amongst them and experience the rigorous trials these athletes endure every day.

March 6th 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Leon 1

Leon is a very tough athletic man who looks after his body and came to us wanting to make porn with women. Sexy women. So we were incredibly surprised when he agreed to perform in straighthell.net (now breederfuckers.com) which has no women in it whatsoever. In fact, the part he has to play is of a door security man who falls victim to a drink spiking, is then stripped naked, groped, fondled, penetrated all while out of it.

February 27th 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Blake 10

After cruel discipline sessions, this straight builder is well aware that if he doesn't obey there will be painful consequences. We order him to fully expose himself and kneel submissively on the floor. It's time to turn this hard man into a compliant pup. His mouth is permanently spread open ready to serve. Dave moistens Blake's arsehole and plunges a tail in. Now whenever Blake moves it wiggles in a wickedly embarrassing way.

February 20th 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Blake 9

Furious hetero Blake is securely tied down with a leg spreader. His arse is covered in nothing but a pair of thin white pants and perilously exposed. As that rump is still smarting from his previous discipline it only takes a light spanking to cause him immense pain. So a whacking with a wooden paddle is fucking agony! Blake bucks like a live wire. His muscles are useless against his secure binds. With his underwear destroyed his arse is fully on show.

February 13th 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Blake 8

Look at this sullied hetero bound naked with his pussy fully on show! What an utterly debased state Blake has been reduced to. The thick bastard must believe he’s having some erotic dream until a shock of cold water makes him realise he’s trapped in the most humiliating position imaginable. When the feisty fucker tries to kick out all he manages to do is painfully yank his own suspended dick and balls.

February 6th 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Blake 7

Furious hetero Blake is securely tied in nothing but a sexy jock strap. Every time he struggles against his binds he inadvertently turns us on by showing his tattooed muscular body. Dave pervily gropes Blake's exposed body feeling how the angry fucker tenses and bucks against a man's caresses. All it takes is a little snip to the strap's waist band and Blake's genitals tumble out into view. This straight bastard can only insult us and swear he'll get his revenge.

January 30th 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Blake 6

We've got our eyes on muscular hairy decorator Blake and we have to make him our cock slave. We nab him when he's in the middle of a break and firmly tie him up. Now this tough straight fucker belongs to us! Those mucky clothes are utterly destroyed leaving him fully exposed. Look at that ripped tattooed body! He howls beneath his gag in frustration but there's no way he can move as that rope if firmly tied around his thick veiny neck.

January 23rd 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Ryan 5

We let restrained hetero Ryan know that he's welcome to leave if he can escape from his binds. It's hot watching this naked stud desperately struggle against the ropes but not even his strong muscles can break him free. Dave suckles his cock and feels the angry bastard grow hard in his mouth. Ryan's dick is so sensitive it can't resist the pleasure which comes from being expertly blown.

January 16th 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Ryan 4

Straight stud Ryan is secured to a block in nothing but a pair of tight white pants that show off his fucking sexy bulge. It drives us wild how he struggles and mouths off to us as we ogle his package. The bastard cop has a lot of fight in him so we take steps to bind him tightly restricting his movement even more. Ryan panics as we raise his legs so he's completely vulnerable and we savour revealing this slag's hefty cock and luscious bum hole.

January 9th 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Ryan 3

Tough married officer Ryan is restrained in the most compromising position. He can talk up a storm shouting vicious insults. We'll make him sorry! The fucker knows if he ever wants to see his Mrs again he must comply with whatever we demand. His bum is given a harsh spanking while a gag is shoved in his filthy gob. To punish him even further he's dealt a vicious flogging from both of us. Ryan hollers as the cruel lash whips his already sore rump.

January 2nd 2024
Breeder Fuckers
Ryan 2

Hetero officer Ryan realises too late that he's fallen into our perverted scheme! We've got him collared and order him to crawl across the floor like a mutt. When he's too slow he's given a harsh belted spanking to the arse. If he ever wants to see his wife again he better comply with whatever we demand. That sexy police uniform is peeled off him to expose the well trained and muscular tattooed body beneath.

December 26th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Ryan 1

We lure extremely fit married policeman Ryan into our lair with our most edgy and twisted scheme yet! It's so effective we get this stupid straight bastard to suck my cock and beg to do so! The slag chows down on my nob and tickles my bell end with his sexy fucking beard. My dick gets very slicked up with his saliva and you can see the tears rolling down his cheeks while he makes himself give head.

December 19th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Pierre 15

Hetero Pierre’s arse is on full presentation! Fully exposed and bound with only a little wriggle room, he’s ready for a whole busload of punters to queue up to fuck him. He pants desperately and he’s full of nerves because we loom over him and he has no idea what we’ll do to him next. That naughty dick of his comes vigorously to life with only a little stroking. We take full control of his sex drive making him erect and we mock his stiffy. It’s so hot feeling his arsehole clench around our fingers while teasing his hard on.

December 12th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Kris 5

Furious hetero Kris is full of fight but being bound up in such a compromising position while stark naked leaves him with no way of preventing us from using his body in whatever cruel and perverted way we want to. As his mouth is stuffed full with a gag his fighting words are also silenced! That big smooth ball sack and fully spread arsehole are so fucking sexy. He can only look on with disgust as I fondle his precious bits.

December 4th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Pierre 14

By now sporty straight bastard Pierre knows what we're capable of. I don't want to hear any of his grumbling so silence him by wrapping tape around his mouth. He desperately struggles but with his arms fully tied and his legs fixed to the walls there's nothing he can do to protect his arse which is spread like a banquet. I slide his football shorts down his legs so his bum is fully exposed. Adrian delivers a few sharp whacks to that hairy arse.

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