June 28th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Lucas 6

Hetero Lucas believes he's as hard as nails. He's always at the gym training his body and building his muscles for boxing matches. Whenever this prize fighter isn't working out or in battle he's screwing his girlfriend. Here he receives a form of vicious tutelage which he can't get at the athletic club. We put his taut manly body to good use stripping and degrading him in the most perverse ways imaginable.

June 21st 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Wayne 12

It's been some time since we've seen Wayne, but as an officer he believes himself to be tougher and more manly now. In fact, he arrogantly thinks he can take anything we give him. Little does he know we've also developed more perverse and sadistic methods of seizing and dominating hetero twats like him. Here he experiences the full extent of our sexual cruelty as we systematically restrain and control his body.

June 14th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Cal 4

When masculine sportsman Cal is stark naked he looks like a great big stupid muscular beast. So why not treat him like an animal?! Dave is rearing to train this new stallion. He fits a bit and leash in Cal's mouth before making him get down on his hands and knees. From this lowly position hetero Cal is painfully aware of how far he's fallen and he can only submissively stare up at us while we tower over him.

June 7th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Ethan 8

Nothing humbles a cocky straight twat like keeping him on his knees ready to serve and receive his deserved punishment. Ethan can't protect the precious bulging pouch in his underwear. All he can do is struggle against the ropes binding his arms as we release his big uncut cock and heavy nut sack. Now his jewels are vulnerable to our sadistic desire. Dave keeps him firmly in place by leashing him while Adrian delivers swift kicks to his balls.

May 31st 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Cal 3

Hairy hetero beast Cal needs to be restrained at all times because he's a mean angry fucker. We've got him tied down so we can pervily grope every inch of his meaty body and punish him more cruelly than he ever imagined possible. All he can do is grunt and grapple against his bindings. He refuses to be sexually pleasured by men so we need to use a special means to relax him and attach mini bottles directly beneath his nostrils.

May 24th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Ethan 7

This arrogant straight prick knows we mean business! Ethan's arse cheeks are raw from the thrashing he received and though he's bound firmly in place he knows he shouldn't resist or he'll receive an even crueller punishment. As he's stark naked on his hands and knees the most sensitive parts of his body are fully exposed and vulnerable to our relentless sadistic desire. His already sore arse is thrashed so the hetero bastard is driven to utter humility.

May 17th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Cal 2

Hetero Cal has such a hairy masculine body he deserves to be treated more like a beast than a man. As such he needs to be trained and disciplined to do what we desire. This sporty bastard is suspended from the ceiling so we can grope and intrusively take our pleasure from the most intimate parts of his body. Look at that immense muscular arse framed by his jock strap! And feeling that pouch at the front reveals how this fucker's sensitive cock is semi hard.

May 10th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Pierre 10

We want hetero Pierre to be under constant strain so that every moment ticks by with aching slowness and he's made painfully aware of his total subjugation to us. Being roped up so tightly in a crouched position his muscles soon ache making him desperate for freedom. At the same time he's psychologically tense knowing how vulnerable his body is. We can discipline or fuck him at any moment in accordance with our whims.

May 3rd 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Cal 1

Big strong hetero Cal fancies himself as a model who can make lots of demands about how he's photographed and who can be in the room while he's posing. This arrogant straight bastard needs to be taken down a few notches! We give him a false sense of security before grabbing him and roping his arms and legs to the wall. Now this cunt has no control and we're going to give him the rigorous and humiliating punishment he deserves!

April 26th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Pierre 9

Seeing fit and macho heterosexual Pierre completely restrained while wearing nothing but a pair of thin white shorts and a jockstrap is such a fucking turn on! Straight bastards like this should be permanently bound in this position to be groped and used by anyone who passes by. Just grinding against that peachy arse while Pierre moans in terror makes our cocks stiff.

April 19th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Jay 5

We keep hetero Jay tied down to an exam table with his arse up in the air as if constantly ready for a rectal assessment. He can only look back in fear, terrified that at any moment a man might step up to fuck him and there's nothing he can do to stop it! We want this bastard to tease us with that tempting rump. Adrian uses a wooden paddle to wallop his already sore cheeks and the persistent beating makes them sting red.

April 12th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Ethan 6

Hetero businessman Ethan has no idea what envy and lust he provokes with the big bulge in his trousers. All his co-workers strain to get a look at his cock when he whips it out at the office urinals. We're going to take control of this bastard's member and present his masculine body like it ought to be. Dave expertly binds him in place so his long legs are spread akimbo and Adrian releases Ethan's perpetually hard dick.

April 5th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Pierre 8

Slick hetero Pierre thinks of himself as a famous Lothario with a cock that everyone hungers for and great big potent balls. This fucker's inflated ego needs to be taken down a few notches! We humble him by keeping him bound on his knees with easy access to his dick. We freely grope this straight bastard's package and mock how little his willy is which makes him absolutely fume with anger.

March 29th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Jay 4

Hairy straight Jay looks fucking hot tied down in nothing but a jock strap and boots. His legs are spread so we can peer at that invitingly dark arse crack with his furry chest and pits on show! This is how he should be permanently displayed. But we don't just want to look at him; we want to hear him begging to be used like an insatiable slut! He struggles and wriggles in place but can't escape our pervy groping.

March 22nd 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Pierre 7

Proud bastard Pierre can't accept that the only reason for his existence now is as our private fuck toy. This hetero not only needs to learn to accept whatever sadistic punishment we inflict upon his exposed body but we want him begging to service our cocks. There's no escaping this spanking bench he's chained to and there's nothing he can do to stop Adrian destroying the thin white pants which are the only thing covering his precious genitals.

March 15th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Jay 3

Hetero businessman Jay lives by the clock and thinks he can leave our lair wearing his suit just because it's time to go back to the office. He doesn't realize that in addition to losing his clothes he also no longer has a shred of free will! He must be naked at all times to receive our sadistic punishment or to be whored out to any client who'll pay a few pennies to screw his straight arse.

March 8th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Thomas 10

Hetero Thomas is fucking horrified and furious that we find increasingly humiliating and painful ways to restrain him so he's utterly exposed and vulnerable. Here he is stark naked with legs and arms akimbo and a big gag in his mouth so he can't scream out for help. And we feel a burning sadistic need to punish this bastard in the way he deserves. We want to see his wide eyed fear staring up at us. That tension of not knowing what debased and cruel thing we'll do to him next is fucking delicious.

March 1st 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Pierre 5

Pierre is so accustomed to his arrogant hetero privilege he still believes that all he has to do is spit homophobic words at us to get us to back down and release him. He needs to realise that here he's utterly fucking powerless. His nasty words and aggressive attitude only turn us on more as we ruthlessly demean and punish him.

February 22nd 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Jay 2

I could have been snogging this sexy businessman at the office Christmas party, but because he's a proud straight bastard that spits on homos he's found himself in this dire predicament. We've restrained him arse up in nothing but his thin underwear so I can have my way with his arse and he can't do a fucking thing about it. What a turn on it is tugging those pants up his hairy crack and exposing his arsehole.

February 15th 2022
Breeder Fuckers
Declan 5

We've taken ownership of this straight man who is like a sexy captive surfer. Because he is our slave we can rent him out however much we like! As such, we have to assess and value our property to see how much dosh we can get for whoring out his hetero arse. Since we own him we get first dibs on the goods and can sample him as much as we like.

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